Thursday, November 26, 2015

Dark Knowledge gives thanks

Happy Thanksgiving, America!

I like the way this season makes me stop and think about how fortunate I am. This year, one of my novels received a very timely reason to be thankful, and that makes this author even more thankful than usual.

Dark Knowledge ebook sales caught fire a few days ago. It was quite a run, and I really enjoyed watching Dark Knowledge's Amazon ranking soar. I even saved a screen shot of the best ranking I saw. #11 best seller in Dark Fantasy!

I think Dark Knowledge deserved a little reader love. It's always had my author love, but it's had a tough time as a published novel, as I mentioned before in my "The novel that wouldn't die" post. To recap, Dark Knowledge's initial publisher published it and then turned their backs on it. They decided to limit their focus to paranormal thrillers that were predominately romantic or erotic. They were good enough to give me my rights back when I asked, and I quickly found a new publisher...who did the exact same thing as the first, except the second publisher held on to the rights for years before returning them to me. Now, as a self-published novel, Dark Knowledge is finally getting some reader love. And since my biggest satisfaction as an author is to be read, I'm feeling that love too.

Happy Thanksgiving, Dark Knowledge! You've always been a winner in my books.

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